Crankbaits for Trout – Our Full Guide

Crankbaits for trout

Throwing a crankbait for trout can be very effective yet they are rarely used by most anglers. While smaller spinner and bait are still the most effective there are times when a crankbait will outperform them. Crankbaits can be very productive for trout fishing if sized and used in the correct manner. The best crankbaits for trout will … Read more

Flatfish Lures for Trout – How to Fish Them

flatfish lures for trout

Fishing flatfish lures for trout can be super effective when either fished just below the surface or down deep. They have been in many the tackle box for almost one hundred years. Although they look like a very oddly shaped lure they are particularly effective for larger trout, less so on smaller trout that are found … Read more

Trout Spoons – How to Fish Them Full Guide

Trout Spoons work in a somewhat similar way to a trout spinner i.e vibration and flash. The vibration from a spoon however does not come from a spinning blade, instead it comes from the wobble that is produced as the spoon shimmies from side to side in the water as it is pulled along. This means … Read more

Trout Jigs – How to Fish Them Full Guide

Trout jigs can be real killers on those days when spoons or spinners just aren’t performing. Although jigs have been used for a long time in the bass and crappie fishing worlds they are only recently beginning to become popular among trout fishermen. The best jigs for trout will generally imitate some of the native aquatic food … Read more

Trout Worms – How to Fish Them Full Guide

Worms are undoubtedly one of the most natural and reliable baits that you can use to catch trout. You can either buy them in your local tackle store or you can collect them yourself in suitable soil. Trout worms made from plastic are a great alternative.Natural worms however have one major drawback and that is … Read more

Trout Spinners – How to fish Them Full Guide

There’s no doubt about it using a static bait or worm can work really well for trout and is one of the oldest methods. But if you are feeling more proactive and want to cover more water or are at a new venue then trout spinners can be hard to beat. What Size Spinner for Trout … Read more