Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rods

Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rods

Just before the ice fishing season hits its time to start thinking about tackle. If you are planing on targeting lake trout from the ice then choosing the correct rod and reel is of the upmost importance. Let’s face it smaller ultralight ice rods might be okay for shallow water ice fishing when you are targeting … Read more

Lake Trout Fishing Tips

lake trout fishing

To some fishermen lake trout are somewhat of a mystery. To others these monster trout from the deep are the ultimate prey.  Trophy lake trout measure 30 inches and above and weigh in at a whopping 30+ pounds. Some anglers have a life long obsession with landing one of these specimen lakers and will go to … Read more

Best Lake Trout Lures for Your Tackle Box

Best Lake Trout Lures

Hunting for big trophy trout deep down in the colder waters of a lake requires that you choose the best lake trout lures for the job. Trying to get lightweight lures down to where the fish will most likely to be is a waste of time. Using the correct tackle and approach to how you target … Read more