Ice fishing for Trout – Tips and Tricks

ice fishing for trout

In the warmer summer weather you’ll usually find that trout tend to stay in deeper water as they favor the cooler waters during the summer heat. Once the winter arrives and the ice begins to form trout will start to move into the shallower waters. This is probably one of the most important things to … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Boots

best ice fishing boots

Ice Fishing Boots should keep your feet warm and dry whilst also providing plenty of grip out on the ice. Most boots dedicated ice fishing boots will have the same universal characteristics: Waterproof  Good insulation Good grip There are however a few different designs available. For example some will come with laces and others will … Read more

Womens Ice Fishing Bibs

Women’s Ice Fishing Bibs

If you’ve ever spent any kind of time out on the ice you’ll know that harsh winter winds can cut through your regular clothes like a hot knife through butter. By all means you can buy a regular men’s ice bib but men and women are built a little differently. That’s why a purpose made … Read more

Ice fishing Safety Tips

Ice Fishing Safety

Ice fishing brings a few potential dangers that you do not experience when fishing during the warmer months. However, ice fishing is also a long-standing winter tradition throughout most northern states. Instead of letting the danger keep you from fishing in the winter, you should learn the most essential ice fishing safety tips. 1. Let … Read more

New Ice Fishing Gear and Gadgets

new ice fishing gear and gadgets

Make gearing up for this winters season a little bit easier with our list of new ice fishing gear and gadgets. Ice fishing gear has really advanced in the past few years. Once upon a time the latest and greatest advances in ice fishing gadgets were tip ups and specialized ice fishing rods. New ice … Read more

Best Flip Over Ice Fishing Shelter 2022

Best Flip Over Ice Fishing Shelter

Long days on the ice mean one thing; exposure to the cold, hard winter weather. Spending hours exposed on the ice whilst out fishing is certainly not my idea of fun even in modern well insulated bibs and boots for ice fishing. An ice fishing shelter’s job is to protect you from the elements allowing … Read more