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Trout Fishing Setup – What Do You Need ?

trout fishing setup

​If you are just starting out fishing or have some experience fishing for other freshwater fish like bass or walleye then you may be trying your hand at catching trout for the first time. ​The majority of brown and rainbow trout that are caught in rivers, streams and small lakes/ponds will usually be under 5 lbs […]

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Brook Trout Fishing – How to Catch with Bait and Lures

brook trout fishing

Brook trout fishing is some of the most rewarding you are ever likely to do. Catching this elusive little trout can be tricky, but armed with the right knowledge and trout tackle you can greatly improve your chances. Brook trout(Salvelinus fontinalis) was originally thought to be a member of the salmonoid genus, however they were later on […]

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Rapala Trout Lures – Our Full Guide

Rapala trout lures have been producing big trout from the smallest rivers to the biggest lakes for years. The best Rapala for trout will keep on producing year after year when everything else fails. Have you ever been stumped by picky fish that just won’t bite on you favorite trout bait or spoon? The Rapala […]

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