Best Steelhead Rods for the Money

Best Steelhead Rods

​Drifting a bait along a steelhead run in anticipation of a strike waiting for that bite can be one of the most exciting was to fish in freshwater. Steelhead rods need to be matched to the type of water you are fishing and the style of fishing whether that’s casting lures or drifting eggs down a … Read more

Steelhead Setups – Rod and Reel Choices Explained

steelhead setup

​There are lots of different steelhead rigs for fishing various techniques involving bait and lures but you don’t need a different setup for each one. That would be overkill not to mention get very expensive. ​Below are four basic steelhead setups that can be used for a variety of different approaches whether that is drift fishing with … Read more

Best Trout Net – [Buyer’s Guide]

best trout nets

​You’ve made a pin point accurate cast, a trout has taken the bait and now it’s hooked. But the game is not over just yet! Landing that fish takes skill experience and care especially if you are practicing catch and release.​A quality landing net is crucial and netting a trout is usually the final heart in your … Read more

Best Steelhead Spinning Reel

Best Steelhead Spinning Reel

​If you are looking to replace your steelhead spinning reel or are just starting out fishing for steelehead then choosing a decent reel is of vital importance, Steelhead will burn a cheap reel in no time. Hooking a freshly run steelhead and have it run down river with the current can be a death warrant to any … Read more

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel 2020/2021

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel

Throwing small lures or bait on a light spinning setup can be one of the most rewarding ways of fishing. Achieving a balance between rod, reel and line is key to being able to make pin point casts and get the very best action out of your lures. Ultralight spinning reels are usually what most anglers use … Read more

The 5 Best Steelhead Baits

best steelhead bait

​For the majority of anglers natural bait is still the go to for steelhead, the choice however will vary depending on location and most importantly season. For example a nightcrawler can be the best steehead bait for spring but can be almost useless when steelhead have their minds and noses on eggs. Just like using bait for … Read more

5 Best Steelhead Lures for Your Tackle Box

best steelhead lures

​For most anglers the first choice when fishing for steelhead will probably be the best steelhead bait of all time salmon roe or eggs. However as good as natural bait is sometimes they will turn their noses up at such presentations. Artificial steelhead lures are particularly effective in the early season. The best steelhead lures are all about … Read more

Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rods

Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rods

​Just before the ice fishing season hits its time to start thinking about tackle. If you are planing on targeting lake trout from the ice then choosing the correct rod and reel is of the upmost importance. Let’s face it smaller ultralight ice rods might be okay for shallow water ice fishing when you are targeting … Read more

Lake Trout Fishing Tips

lake trout fishing

To some fishermen lake trout are somewhat of a mystery. To others these monster trout from the deep are the ultimate prey.  Trophy lake trout measure 30 inches and above and weigh in at a whopping 30+ pounds. Some anglers have a life long obsession with landing one of these specimen lakers and will go to … Read more

Steelhead Spoons – Tips & Tricks

Steelhead Spoons

Drifting a small jig can be super productive for steelhead however, throwing a steelhead spoon across an open stretch of water can be the difference between landing a beauty and going home empty handed. If salmon eggs or jigs are just not producing on any given day then make the switch to a spoon or a … Read more