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We have received many letters from our customers understanding why we would like to retire and wishing us good fortune. However, we have also received a number of emails believing we are going out of business and are very disappointed our wonderful rods won't be available in the future. You don't have to worry. This is definitely not true. We are confident we will be able to choose the perfect person to carry on the legacy of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths. We have been approached by several people who have the same understanding and passion for our business as we do. Gerri and I will stay involved as long as needed to make sure TMR continues providing exceptional rods and service. Our plan is to have the new owner work in our shop for a minimum of 6 months teaching them everything necessary to produce our first class rods. We will be consultants after that for as long as needed. Tom will continue to be available to assist with new rod designs as well as working together with the new owner to complete the designs our new line of 4-piece graphite rods. Gerri will be available to insure that the rods meet the standards we are known for.

We want to assure you that we believe our wonderful company will continue for many generations.

Selling Troutrods

We have come to a crossroads in our lives and want to enjoy more free time and have the opportunity to travel and learn more about our great country. Tom has been involved in rodmaking since 1973 living his passion of enjoying fishing, designing and building rods, meeting many wonderful anglers, and having the satisfaction of being self-employed. He is 74 years young and wants to cut down on his daily work load to have time to read books and write a book or two about his unusual fishing experiences in Montana. Gerri has been involved in our rodmaking endeavor since we started Tom Morgan Rodsmiths in 1995. She brought with her the desire to design and build our beautiful rods and has developed the keen eye and desire to do the very best work to produce our exceptional rods. She turned 65 this year and is anxious to follow her passions for creating unusual art, designing and printing books on her letter press, to travel with Tom, and explore Europe on her own.

We are in search of someone to carry on the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths' tradition of crafting the finest fishing rods available. We think the new owner would have an entrepreneurial spirit, a great passion for fly fishing and fly rods, and be interested in designing and building wonderful fly rods. Someone who enjoys meeting other anglers and has the desire and willingness to learn to craft the very best rods. The lifestyle owning a fly rod business can provide is great satisfaction and a unique way to experience the world.

We have created a legacy for design and workmanship which we want to see continue. We want our name, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, to continue as well. We will work with the new owner as long as is needed to pass on our knowledge of design, production, workmanship, sales ideas, customer relations and everything else we believe necessary for future success.

We are posting this announcement on our website to assure our customers the legacy and tradition of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths will not be lost. We want you to know we are committed to continue to work with the new owner until he/she has mastered the intricacies of our business. We will continue to be the quality supervisors insuring the rods delivered are up to our high standards. We realize the value of this and know the new owner will too.

We believe there is a good opportunity to expand the business from what we have done because of the limitations our situation has required. As most of you know Tom has been paralyzed since 1995 from Multiple Sclerosis. Since then Gerri has been his caretaker, our homemaker, and the main rodmaker which has limited our production. We have many ideas on how the business could be expanded. With Tom‘s great knowledge of running Winston Rod Company and being involved in Tom Morgan Rodsmiths he can have knowledgeable discussions and suggestions for the future with the new owner.

When we were setting up the company infrastructure Tom modeled it based on his experiences doing the same at Winston with the eye of someday increasing production volume. He has also over the years designed various fixtures and machines to make our production faster as well as ideas for setting up a new shop to increase production while maintaining, or enhancing, quality.

In addition to us we have a trained staff of four part time people who are knowledgeable about our production. They are all very quality oriented in their work and desire to produce the very best. All of them have indicated they would work for a new owner. In addition we have an exceptional seamstress who sews our rod bags at home and a calligrapher who writes on our rods in the shop.

Bozeman offers a great opportunity for access to customers because of its location and great recreational opportunities for fishing the many nearby streams and lakes but also for hunting and skiing. The number of recreationists visiting here, the local area, and Big Sky is amazing. Bozeman is the busiest airport in Montana. It‘s also a great place to live. We believe it‘s important for a new owner to live and have their shop in the Bozeman area. Also for us to train the new owner and others who they may hire it‘s essential they too are in the Bozeman area. We will share our shop with them during this time for payment of the utilities only while they set up their shop.

We build bamboo, fiberglass, and graphite rods which is unusual. There are all the patterns, specifications, and design spreadsheets for the rods. Tom will explain the design process and help the new owner understand how to develop new models in the future. We have proprietary designs for the tubes, tube hardware, and reel seats. We have established great rapport with suppliers and they go out of their way to help us.

In addition we have many forms and spreadsheet models to assist in completing orders and making the business run smoothly and efficiently. We also have thousands of customer sales records to refer to. Tom has thousands of email answers to questions concerning rods, Hand Mills, and other interesting fly fishing information. We also have our historical financial and tax records.

Tom is working on new prototypes to design the popular 4-piece graphite rods which constitute the bulk of the sales for most companies. These designs will be finished sometime this year.

In addition to the rods we also sell the Morgan bamboo Hand Mill and all the accessories to go with it. It‘s revolutionized the cutting of strips for both amateurs and professionals. We have sold around 400 in many countries around the world and they continue to sell on a regular basis.

Our customers are the best part of our business. We try very hard to have a personal relationship with each to insure they get the rods that best fits their conditions and will provide those years of enjoyment.

We believe Tom Morgan Rodsmiths provides the very best fly rods, the most appropriate designs and actions for their intended fishing situations, and the best workmanship of any fly rod company. We have many satisfied customers from around the world and a worldwide reputation for design and quality.

We believe our company offers someone a great opportunity to work and live in an exceptional place, creating wonderful high quality rods, and developing great friendships and rapport with their customers.

We have a sales information package to provide extensive information to perspective buyers which also includes a privacy agreement.

Contact us for further information by email:

Phone: 406-282-7110

We would love to talk with serious, qualified buyers.

Tom Morgan & Gerri Carlson

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